Hey guys, I said I would do a updated blog post on my hair because I get asked lots of questions about it , first up my hair is all my own I have always been blessed with long thick hair, my mum has the same in fact hers is even nicer. 

(The colour) well as you probably know I have left it grow out for just under two years I took my first balayage step in September 2015, it was a shock at first as I was so use to being bright blonde but I got use to the dark root and began to love it ……Why go darker ? You ask? Well I got to the stage where I felt my hair was dated too blonde over processed and basically not stylish!!! 

(How) so I went to Alan Kevilles and we started the balayage process by dying my crown brown with a few lights at the front, once that was done I never touched it again I just added more blonde to the ends and fringe. It was so amazing not having to go get your roots done every 8-12 weeks! 

(Going brighter) now that I had a good natural root grown out I could start again with the blonde and not make the same mistakes as I did when I was 17!! What Alex did was scattered free handed lights around my entire head, focusing mainly on the front parts. I feel now it’s not as Black & Blonde!! It’s sun kissed & natural. My plan going forward is to get another few added on in a few months and then just top up the front bit. I am so happy with it now it’s taken time but they are an incredible team in the salon they know exactly what suits. I go to Amanda also as Alex is only down once a month  I literally get blow drys and cuts off every one working there.
(After care) as you know I’m a strong believer in good products for your hair try not to skim it when it comes to looking after your hair it’s so important I use KEVIN MURPHY shampoos conditioners & treatments especially the BLONDE ANGEL one it’s a must have!!!!!!  You can get them in the salon each one is specific for certain hair needs ,dry, brown,blonde,thin etc!! 
Ok so I hope I covered it all any questions just snap me x (justjordanblog)

Before and after shade