Hey guys, so a lot of you ask me about tan, holiday tan, what my favourites are etc. I’m blogging 3 years and it’s something I never really gave a definitive answer too. Why?  I had not tried enough to tell you what my opinion was.

Now after dozens of bottles and orange hands here is what I discovered.

I know every Thursday after 3 intense days of skin removing we are dieing to apply that biscuit smell onto our skin knowing that when we wake up we will be thinner and in some cases JLo lol

But it’s is not as easy as that & especially if we want it perfect. TANNING IS HARD!!!!  So let’s look at the facts that cause the dreaded streaks,white pages , orange patches and down right awful dirty looking results.

First up SKIN PREP!

No tan will ever look good if the skin underneath has any left over tan or “dirt”  on it. The skin needs to be scrubbed to a safe layer I don’t want to hear anyone useing house agents to get it off . So I use a body scrub and remove my skin layer by layer lol, you most definitely need scrubbing gloves. These can be got in Penneys by the tills but beware when you get there you end up spending your months wages just when you thought you had done so well to make it  under €100…..So my trick is scrub a dub every day for 3 days before tan application.

Application device

Over the years I have gone to desperate measures to apply tan by using a sock, cotton wool or even my fluffy dressing gown (don’t ask) I think I used my husbands jocks one time (they were clean) ….. I know better now though I am well prepared I always have 2/3 mitts on standby because without a mitt it’s game over. One thing I have discovered that is a big game changer is the type of mitt used I always buy the velvet one it isn’t too much dearer and it just makes all the difference. Stay away from that Orange cheap mitt!!!!!!!! Catwalk HQ mitt has a thumb shape and it’s just amazing to use.


We all know this is where it’s most Likley to go wrong so here are my tips.

1. I load up my mitt this prevents white patches where you might miss a area because you didn’t have a enough tan on the mitt, what happens is you go back for more but when you go back to the area you can sometimes miss the point you stopped at and you wake up with a big white patch!!

2. Avoids knees, elbows, feet & hands till the very end. When you have you limbs done you can then use the remaining dampness on your knees lightly dusting over them and on the elbows too. Do not add more product the not should still have a slight amount on it. For the hands & feet use a fluffy foundation brush mixed with moisturiser and buff it on them lightly. They may not be as dark as your body but it’s better than the orange patching look.

I always wear a fluffy/fleese onesie or as I call it a nanny dress. The fabric buffs the skin so it doesn’t cause any lines , do not wear a bra or knickers just be free. Lol I tend to not wash mine but you can so if you are doing it wait for at least 14hrs  and even at that it’s a 5 second shower with a pat of a towel. I find washing it can make it less dark but if you feel manly even a baby wipe wiped over you can remove excess product and make you feel some what fresh. Then moisturise the days after to keep is set until you hit Monday & you must start all over again.
Now what tan do I use? After trials that were disasters and some good ones  my favourite is drum roll…..

Catwalk HQ………Reasons are ….

1. It’s dark I’m not a fan of being sun kissed I want to look like I’m back from a month in Greece. The shade on my skin is so nice it looks golden I have tried ones that have made me look mucky or green which I hate. They also do meduim which I use for day events it’s a beautiful colour (as previously men I don’t wash off my tan) I only apply at night I wake up and off I go.

2. It applies so well like silk onto my skin & leaves no mess again I’m very messy I use it from the bullet not the pump I find it works better that’s my own opinion. It has super foods in the tan that are good for the skin. If you are pregnant or going through chemo it is also safe to use.

3. Price €25

4. Lasting ,I found I got more days out of this which is what I need with my lifestyle I  doing 2/3 events a week so I do need to be tanned 4/5 days of the week I can only allow for 2 pale ugly days lol

5 most importantly REMOVAL this is a huge thing for me some tans lost it at this point …. I couldn’t get them off which is a disaster it all reverts back to the top of this blog post SKIN PREP if you skin is not right your tan won’t be so if it’s not coming off then you’ll be two more days removing it which means your tanning is on hold. With this tan  it just came of gradually and then with a scrub the last layers were gone the meduim comes off easier but both are better than ones I have used before.
So there you go a tanning journey that is not easy but with the right products you will get there.

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Lisa xx

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