Baby I’m ready …..

Hi everyone, I am on the final count down and ready for baby jj!!!!! I hope you enjoyed the previous blog post on my buggy….. this one is on the remaining items that I needed for the baby. I have used each items own break down instead of me trying to explain them.

Video of all the products here
First up,

Cocobelt – you’ll really appreciate this once you have started carrying baby in and out of places in the car seat! I just loved the idea and anything to take the pressure off my back.

Click here for belt

 Every mother and father experiences how heavy and tiring it is to walk around with a baby car seat every day. That is now a thing of the past.

 No more closing or opening of strollers for those short walks. No more tired or painful arms while carrying your baby car seat, because you can attach the Cocobelt to the car seat within seconds and can then safely and comfortably wear it over your shoulder like a bag. Lovingly designed and worn!

 The Cocobelt is handmade from quality materials, tested for safety, easy to use, and looks fantastic!

 The Cocobelt is very quickly and easily attached and used. Safe and beautifully designed!

 Safety, of course, was our primary concern. Therefore, the click-buckle of Cocobelt has been extensively tested and has a CE certification.


This was something everyone recommended to me.

Tommee Tippee Essential Starter Kit

Tommy Tippee click here
The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Complete Starter Kit is perfect for your newborn. The unique extra-wide teat on all of our closer to nature bottles works beautifully, just like mum, flexing and stretching to mimic the natural look and feel of mum’s breast – making it easier to bottle feeding. This kit includes an electric steriliser that holds six closer to nature bottles, a travel steriliser, 150 and 260ml bottles, medium and fast flow teats, milk powder dispensers, insulated bottle bags and bottle and teat brush.

The Electric Steam Steriliser is stylishly streamlined with a host of brilliant features to make it stand out from the crowd. The sleek and clean-looking oval shape takes up minimal space on the kitchen workbench.

The compact travel steriliser is great for night time feeds. Use in the microwave or as a cold water steriliser. Small enough to pack in a changing bag, compact enough to stay in your microwave, safe to use any time, anywhere. Free inside 1 x 260ml bottle.

The Electric Bottle and Food Warmer makes it quick and easy to heat bottles and baby food safely, whilst helping to preserve the nutrients that are vital to your baby’s healthy development. Just place your bottle or food jar in the warmer, then use the control dial to adjust the temperature in accordance with the instructions. The closer to nature feeding range is perfect for your newborn.

The kit includes:

· Tommee Tippee Electric steam steriliser

· Tommee Tippee Travel steriliser

· Tommee Tippee Electric bottle and food warmer

· Tommee Tippee 150ml bottles x 2 with slow flow teats – 0m+

· Tommee Tippee 260ml bottles x 4 with slow flow teats – 0m+

· Tommee Tippee Medium flow teats x 2 – 3-6m

· Tommee Tippee Fast flow teats x 2 – 6m+

· Tommee Tippee Milk storage lids x 4

· Tommee Tippee Milk powder dispensers x 6– 0m

· Tommee Tippee Insulated bottle bags x 2

· Tommee Tippee Bottle and teat brush x 1 


 This is meant to be a god send!!!

Tommee tippee perfect prep machine

Tomme Tippee perfect prep click here

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine will easily and quickly prepare your baby’s bottle. It’s inbuilt filter system will remove impurities in the water, whilst the initial blast of hot water will kill any bacteria present in the milk, ensuring that your baby receives a fresh feed every time.

This handy prep machine is compatible with all brands of formula, all you have to do is measure out the quantity your baby needs. The machine will then accurately dispense the balance of water required and your little one’s bottle will be ready to serve at body temperature, in two minutes. Making feeding time fuss free and more enjoyable for you and your baby.


– Prepares your baby’s bottle quickly, easily and accurately

– Use with all brands of formula

– Filter system removes impurities in the water

– An initial hot shot of water will kill any bacteria present in the milk

– Simply measure out the formula powder

– Machine accurately measures out the balance of water required

– Your bottle can ready to serve at body temperature in less than 2 minutes


 I loved this and how neat it was.

Shnuggle Bath – White w/Grey

Shnuggle bath click here 


The Shnuggle bath has been carefully crafted to make a safe and secure place to bath your baby, making it more comfortable and enjoyable for baby and less stressful for you. 


· Suitable from Newborn

· Bum Bump for Support

· Foam Backrest for Comfort

· Rubber Feet for Grip

· Compact for Easy Storage 



Chicco No Touch Thermometer – I find this a great option as in my experience the in-ear thermometers might be more accurate but babies tend to HATE them and they wake them up when sleeping, so the no touch thermometer is a great option.

Chicco No-touch click here
 The Chicco No-Touch Thermometer allows you to take your little one’s temperature from 4-6 cm away without causing discomfort. Once in the correction position for reading the thermometer will give a beep sound.
· Measures temperature in just 1 second.

· Ideal to measure temperature when baby is asleep.

· Practical and easy to use.

· Night function; won’t wake up your child when sleeping.

· Lightweight.


This monitor system includes the mat sensor which for me is a deal breaker. I also have the resprisence for the nappy now I have piece of mind 24/7

Angelcare AC1300 Vid, Move, Sound – this will give you peace of mind and still have some time with Hubby or friends while baby sleeps soundly. Important for a new mums sanity!

Angel Care click here 

The world of parenting just a little easier thanks to innovations in technology from Angelcare.

The AC1300 Movement, Video & Sound Monitor has been designed to fit comfortably into parents’ contemporary lifestyles with sleek technology that not only looks the part but can be trusted, day and night.

Now offering our largest screen yet, this large 3.5” portable LCD Colour Screen with stand makes monitoring your sleeping baby even easier.

You can enjoy a quality video transmission and adjustable camera angle with the ability to pan and zoom so you can see your baby close up or from far away, ensuring your baby is sleeping safely.

The sound monitoring is crystal clear and boasts minimised interference and optimised secure communication.

The Under-the-Mattress Baby Movement Sensor Pad will provide peace of mind knowing that you will be alerted if no movement is detected in your baby’s cot after just 20 seconds. Ideal for a newborn or young baby who is starting to reach and explore.


· Under-the-mattress Sensor Pad: The Sensor Pad monitors all your baby’s movements, even the slightest ones.

· An alarm will sound if no movement has been detected for 20 seconds

· Adjustable Sensitivity Settings: Sensitivity of the Sensor Pad can be adjusted as your baby grows and becomes more active

· Nursery Night Light: The Nursery Unit halo acts as a soothing night light and allows you to check on baby with minimal disruption

· Low Battery Indicator: The red light on the Nursery Unit flashes when batteries need replacing

· Portable & Rechargeable Parent Unit: Keep your portable Parent Unit charged and clip it to yourself to monitor your baby on the go

· Temperature Display & Control: 

· Crystal Clear Sound Transmission: Enjoy crystal clear sound transmission with multiple channels to choose from

· Sound & Vibration Alarm: The Parent Unit can be set to vibrate, sound alert or both when an alarm is activated

· Out of Range Indicator: The “Out of Range” indicator function will advise you when the two units are not communicating with each other. 

· Multifunctional: This Monitor has the flexibility to meet your specific needs, it monitors movement and sound, sound only or movement only.

· Battery or Mains Operated: In case of power failure the monitor reverts to batteries automatically

· Digital Crystal Clear Sound Transmission

· Digital Full Colour Video Transmission: The Parent Unit will show you every movement from your baby through the high quality camera

· Camera Zoom & Rotate: Using the Parent Unit it is possible to zoom and rotate the camera in the Nursery Unit

· Infrared Night Vision: The Nursery Unit camera uses infrared LED technology so you can see your baby in the dark


I laughed at first when I saw this but because my baby will be born in Winter I don’t like the idea of going in and out to the bins with nappies leaving the cold into my house. Lots of mothers highly recommended it.

Sangenic Nappy disposal system

Tommee Tippee nappy bin click here 

 The Tommee Tippee Sangenic Hygiene Plus Advanced Nappy Disposal System is a more hygienic way to dispose of dirty nappies. It seals each nappy in Germ Seal™ anti-bacterial fragranced film, locking in smells, germs and mess, and is scientifically proven to be at least one hundred times more effective at odour prevention than nappy bags. For you, it means no more running to the bin with a nappy bag at arm’s length!

The Tommee Tippee Sangenic Hygiene Plus Advanced Nappy Disposal System is easy to use – you simply pop the dirty nappy in the top and twist to seal it away with no smell or germs. It holds up to twenty-eight nappies, saving you trekking to the outside bin every time you change your baby. A fragranced film cassette is included, with refills lasting up to a month.


– Individually wraps and seals dirty nappies in a fragranced film to lock away nappy smells

– Scientifically proven to be at least 100 times more effective at odour protection than using nappy bags

– Advanced, multi-layer antibacterial film keeps on killing germs even inside the tub – providing unbeatable long-lasting hygiene protection


I do intend of breast feeding if I feel I can do it. I think this pillow is a must have for comfort even if your feeding with bottles also.

Widgey Nursing pillow

Nursing pillow click here 
The Widgey breastfeeding pillow supports your baby’s back during feeding, sitting comfortably around your waist to help both of you feel supported and secure.
Features and Benefits:  

– Supports baby’s spine during feeding, keeping both you and baby secure and comfortable.
– Can also be used to provide pre-natal back, knee or tummy support whilst sleeping – the perfect pregnancy support
– Super-versatile – can also be used as a baby nest to help baby learn to sit unaided.
– Allows both you and baby to be comfortable.

I love the new born carrier! It’s so cute I will definitely be using it a lot.

Baby bjorn carry click here

I wanted a simple lightweight bouncer and this one was perfect. 

BabyBjorn bouncer click here
And lastly 

Sleepy head 


The Sleepyhead® DELUXE pod is the ultimate pod for your baby ages 0-8 months old. Multifunctional and multitasking, the Sleepyhead® DELUXE offers a safe and comfy spot that lets baby sleep, rest, co-sleep, lounge, play, cuddle, do tummy time and get diaper changes. DELUXE pods are lightweight and portable, allowing for easy travel, from room to room, grandma’s house or on vacation. Additional covers are available for purchase to match your mood, room and style. Designed with love in Sweden and made in Europe. All materials used are breathable, washable and hypoallergenic. Sleepyhead® DELUXE offers excellent air-permeability. All filling materials are sourced from world-leading suppliers with breathable, hygienic and non-toxic properties. Globally patented.

A total must have are these bag carriers for your buggy!! So handy Shop here €8.99

So guys I hope you enjoyed this post 2weeks to go I can’t wait my heart is already filled with so much love xxxx