Baby Shower invites

Hey everyone, I needed a kick up the bootayyy to get more pregnancy content up on my blog. I know being nervous is natural I just need to relax and keep thinking positive. 

It’s my baby shower soon and when I do any event I always love to have invitations, I know it’s not the done thing but I’m never one to follow the rules. I’m having the shower a little early because my mom is away the entire month of September. I will be doing a blog post on the shower after it of course. 

So when it came to invites I had a vision and design I wanted but I found it so hard to get someone to make them. I am a perfectionist so you could imagine how lengthy my emails were to various stationary company’s. Lol. Luckily I found an amazing gifted girl called Laura, she has her own business called The White Heart Boutique she makes anything and everything for every occasion. I’m only sorry I didn’t have her for my wedding. 

I emailed her and straight away she got the idea/style of my invite even down to the specific details I had requested (silly to others ) but a big deal for me. I couldn’t recommend her enough I love to work with people that are really genuine and professional – Laura is exactly that. 

The invite is made with a iridescent paper ,it has stunning detail on the edges along with a cute Grey bow. She makes bespoke pieces so you are the only one with it. That’s what I wanted, my own signature #babyjj invite. Xx