How I keep my hair tangle free

If you have long hair like me then you will know my pain when it comes to getting tangles and knots out of your hair. Shorter haired girls, I know you still get it, but you’re getting off lightly! I have always had super long hair (got it from my Momma!) so it has always been something that has affected me.Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.59.27 PM

So for years, I have been using all different types of products and brushes to try and get a handle on my hair. I don’t want to name and shame any brands, but I literally could not find anything that wasn’t full of nasty chemicals or that worked for me. That is why I set about creating my own product – LUNA by Lisa Jordan Miracle Hair Treatment.

I worked on this product for MONTHS! You have no idea! I know I don’t have a full knowledge of the hair industry, but I am a qualified beautician and a makeup artist so I know a thing or two about what is good to be putting on your hair and body. I knew exactly what I wanted this product to do, but I knew I couldn’t do it on my own so I found a team of experts in Europe to help me bring my idea to life. I also worked closely with Sabrina Hill of Kopper Hair and, one of Ireland’s leading hair experts. She trialled and tested the product for a number of months and gave it the thumbs up, so that is good enough for me!

Anyway, back to what I am supposed to be talking about – tangled hair! So the Miracle Hair Treatment is brilliant for this – it’s just one of the 12 benefits. A couple of sprays after you have towel dried your hair, the brush will literally glide through the hair!

Tangle Angle Pro - Rose Gold

I also find that a good brush helps to get the tangles and knots out too. As a blogger, I get sent quite a lot of stuff to try out including brushes and there are so many good ones on the market. At the moment I am loving Tangle Angel – you may have spotted them in my Miracle Hair Treatment launch video. Since then I am obsessed with it – and they come in so many amazing colours, but obviously, I’m loving the rose gold. They are €22, a really nice big size and super sturdy so they are not gonna break! They have also a kids range that is perfect for the little people in your life!

I would love to hear your feedback on my Miracle Hair Treatment – especially if you are using it for the tangles and knots! It is now available on my website