New soles on my Loubs

Lots of you guys have been asking about this so I said I would do a blog on it.

Firstly let’s start with the facts

1. As much as I love my shoes they are destroyed after two wears

2. They are extremely over priced (but I love them)

4. I have 5 pairs but only wear the nude ones. So if your getting them stick to nude or black

(Right, let’s begin!!!)

The ones I wear the most are my “So Kate” and my “Lady Peep” both purchased in Brown Thomas Dublin. I wore them loads through out the year as I wanted to get my money’s worth! This also came with a price tag, (the Red was gone off the end) which ultimately means they are no longer nice lol!!! This is a catch 22 because why spend more money on something that cost a fortune but then by not doing it are you causing even more long term damage, (sounds like a huge deal but it’s only a pair of shoes) lol

(My choice)

Ok I decided to bite the bullet and re sole them. My options were go local and have them put some off red sole ontop that would not last and look so wrong or send them to the UK where the official Christian Louboutin cobbler is.

(How to do it)

So Its simple emailed and told them I would be posting over my shoes and they said they would call when they recieved them.

1. Register post your shoes over to them

2. Wait for the “call”

3. Give them your card details they will take payment for the shoes and the postage coming back which might I add is extortionate.

4. Takes about 6/8 weeks

5. Fed ex will drop you princesses back looking amazing.
So it’s simple enough to have done.

(The dreaded price)

Postage over for my two pairs registered was €19

To resole them depending on shoe 35/40 pounds so that’s about €50 per pair.

Postage back 30 pounds so €40 absolute Robery in my eyes.
So for my two pairs the total cost was around €170

One pair would be €100

Is it worth it? I would say 100% yes.

I can now wear mine and not be worried about wearing away the shoe. It’s an investment and I hope to have them for many years to come.
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