Pampers Innovation Centre

Last October, Pampers brought members of their Pampers Baby Board to the Pampers Innovation Centre in Germany. I was unfortunately unable to attend as I was pregnant with Pearl at the time and was unable to fly but Pampers sent me on a tonne of information about the Innovation Centre and what happens there and I must say, I was in awe at the level of detail they go into to ensure that our babies are provided with the best nappies possible.At the Pampers Innovation Centre, Pampers experts come together to make prototypes of new nappies but they also test these prototypes on babies from the surrounding areas. Mothers and fathers bring their babies in and put them in the new prototypes. The Pampers experts then bring the parents and their babies to the baby playground lab. This is at the heart of the centre and is where Pampers test their new nappy and wipe products on the babies.

At the playground lab, Pampers experts can observe the babies mobility and comfort levels in the prototype nappies, make notes and then alter the nappy in the labs to fit the needs of the babies. I know that my little Pearl is a mover and shaker so knowing that the experts at Pampers work towards ensuring comfort and mobility for babies throughout their development and this is one of the main reasons I love Pampers.

Another piece about the Pampers Innovation Centre that I found fascinating was that there are Pampers skin experts on site to test the prototype nappy fabric against various babies’ skin types. One of the biggest priorities for Pampers is to develop products that keep babies’ skin dry. Dry baby skin is healthy skin, so most of the Pampers innovations focus on dryness and leak protection. This can be seen through the New Pampers Baby-Dry nappies which can now provide up to 12 hours of dryness! I think that a nappy that ensures dryness throughout the night time is of particular importance to babies who are restless sleepers. By using the New Pampers Baby-Dry Nappy, any pee during the night will be soaked up by the micro-pearls in the nappy and will prevent your baby waking up covered in wetness and bulk!

The effort and precision that goes into making Pampers nappies is something we often don’t think about but as you can see from above, Pampers have dedicated experts on hand to ensure that Pampers nappies are constantly improving and changing to suit your baby’s needs.

There’s a reason why they are winners of the Best Nappy Range in Ireland! In fact, recently, Pampers won a gold award at the Maternity & Infant awards in the category for Best Nappy Range while also winning two gold awards at the National Parenting Product Awards in the categories Best Disposable Nappy Range and Best Toilet Training Pants/Nappy.
Here is the trip I missed!! Check out the video below. 

Innovative centre VLog watch here

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