Pampers Launch Preemie Protection Range 

I have been working with Pampers over the last few months to inform you all about various projects that they have going on, for example providing you guys with information on their campaign with UNICEF and also information around the Pampers Innovation Centre. However this blog post is a little closer to home for me and to be honest I found it quite hard to write as a result.
You see, my friend Amy gave birth to her little girl Lottie 15 weeks early and she weighed only a pound and a half. To think that a baby could be born so small breaks my heart and when I spoke to Amy about her experience, the one thing she reiterated to me over and over again was that when your baby is that small, nothing fits. Even the nappies provided by the hospital were too big for little Lottie and all Amy wanted to do as a mother was to be able to care for her child and do one simple thing for her baby – to change her nappy.
Fortunately now, babies as little as 800g won’t have to deal with the issue of sagging and leaking nappies because Pampers have just launched their Pampers Preemie Protection Nappy Range. The range comes in three sizes, P1, P2 and the smallest size, P3 so that all babies born prematurely can have a nappy that fits them properly.
There are 4,500 premature babies born in Ireland each year and Pampers hope that by providing these nappies to premature babies it will help not only the baby, but the parents as well. I know when I had Pearl, I had everything organised and ready to go but when a baby arrives early it can be difficult to have everything organised so to know that at least there are nappies there at the ready, it can take some stress off the parents.
Not to mention as well that to celebrate this launch, Pampers are donating 300,000 nappies to premature babies across Ireland through various NICU Units, SCBU Units and Maternity hospitals across Ireland and if you can’t seem to get them in any of the units around you, you can email and they will organise to get the nappies to you.

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1 4,500 premature babies are born every year in Ireland Source:Irish Premature Babies based on figures from Central Statistics Office

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