Pearls next Stage Car seat

It was time for Pearl to move on to her next stage car seat as she is growing so fast, so I went back to Bella baby and they assessed her height and weight in the store. Sharon explained while Pearl still fitted into her current Maxi Cosi Pebble Plus by height as her head had not reached the top of the seat, however because both seats I was going for were rearward facing options I could move her now. Sharon showed me through all the options and explained that I should keep Pearl rearward facing for as long as possible as it is safest. I told her how I wanted a seat that swivels and we looked at the Maxi Cosi AxissFix Plus which is i-Size and Isofix. Here are all the technical details of the Maxi Cosi AxissFix Plus:

·        The new Maxi Cosi AxissFix Plus can be used from birth – thanks to its cozy enveloping inlay specifically designed for the safety and comfort of the newborn (from 45 to 60cm) – and up to the approximate age of 4 years (105cm).

·        It guarantees top safety performance, by complying with the latest i-Size car seat regulation (R129). The ISOFIX system enables a very easy and safe car seat installation, and the seat offers rear-facing travel up to approximately 2years (87cm) in order to enhance head & neck protection.

·        And last but not least, AxissFix Plus comes with its famous 360° rotation to offer you the best ease of use ever when installing your child in the car seat. It will only take a few seconds to secure your child facing you, and switch from rearward- to forward-facing in just a seat rotation.

I had heard so much about the swivel as it saves your back when putting the child in and out of the seat and thought this would suit my needs. With the Axissfix Plus, I get to keep Pearl rearward facing until she is about 2. Then I can turn her around when she is old enough and have her facing forward but still have the convenience of using the swivel function.

We also needed a seat for my Husbands car and we already had the 2way fix base from Pearls first car seat. It was so handy when picking up my travel system with Bella Baby, I opted to upgrade my infant car seat base to the 2wayfix which means I can continue to use the base in conjunction with the next stage car seat called the 2way Pearl. This naturally means I love this seat even more!!  This seat allows me to keep Pear rearward facing up to 4 years of age which is even better. We decided to use the 2way Pearl and 2way fix base in my Husband’s car. Both seats also have a recline function which will be brilliant when she falls asleep. Here are all the technical details of the Maxi Cosi 2way Pearl:

·        Meet the safest toddler car seat in the Maxi-Cosi portfolio, the 2wayPearl. Offering extended rearward facing travel for children up to 105cm or approximately 4 years of age, the 2wayPearl is our first i-Size compliant car seat.

·        If you are a looking for a rear facing toddler car seat, the 2wayPearl is a great option for you. The Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl i-Size car seat allows children to travel in the recommended rearward facing position for longer (to 105cm / approx 4 years old) to offer improved head and neck protection when travelling.

·        The 2WayPearl can also be used for forward facing travel from 15 months. Offering full recline options in both positions, this is one of our most flexible Maxi-Cosi car seats. Compact, safe and stylish, the 2wayPearl toddler seat will fit in almost every car with ease.

·        The 2wayPearl is only compatible with the 2wayFix Base (Sold Separate)

·        Installed in the car with the 2wayFix Base using the IsoFix fitting points in your car, the 2wayPearl toddler car seat is compatible most cars with IsoFix and all i-Size cars.

Everything the girls in Bella Baby said about car seat safety and rear facing travel was so easy to understand which is why I stuck with rearward facing as it is the safest way. They have a podcast with a Maxi Cosi product trainer on their podcast channel Nine Months On which gives a really good overview of i-Size, Isofix and rearward facing travel. You can listen to it on iTunes Here or on the website Here .

When I went back to get the seats properly fitted Eleanor looked after installing them both safely and correctly for me and showed me exactly what to do, it’s very easy once you know how to do it!