The Bugaboo 

Hey everyone, today I picked up my buggy. It’s a very exciting part of the journey it really means your nearly there. I know some people get one a lot earlier than 4 weeks to go but I just wanted to wait. 

How did I decide what was right for me? Well to be honest I always had my eye on the Bugaboo I loved the look the way you could change the colours the size basically everything but ultimately it would be because of the reviews and referrals I had received from people. The girls in Bells baby also were a huge help they gave me a complete run through of all the buggys and even though I always wanted a Bugaboo it was still good to know about other options. 

I always wanted the Sand & Cream so I was suprized I changed my mind so fast when I saw the new Grey. I suppose I think it’s the fact we are coming into Winter and I felt the grey would just be more subtable. The one part of this particular buggy that I absolutely adored was the cream quilt inside it just looks so cosy for the baby. I also love that the handle is now leather, so much stronger for wear & tear oh and makeup.
Video on the buggy click here

Enough of the look let’s get down to most important role this buggy plays and that safety…..

Bugaboo have ‘upgraded the classic’ with the brand new Bugaboo Cameleon³ Classic+ . The Bugaboo Cameleon3 is  undeniably stylish and extremely functional pushchair. This iconic buggy can take you anywhere and everywhere you need to go from new-born onwards. The new Bugaboo Cameleon³ Classic+ Collection strollers come with a leather-look handlebar and carrycot handle, in brown with the same off-white, micro-fleece quilted lining making the interior nice and cosy.


One of the lightest buggies on the market

Simple one handle movement fold & one hand release carrycot, great for multitasking

Carrycot and pushchair use the same frame, just change the stylish fabricsThe carrycot can be folded flat, great for storage

Two way facing seat frame, baby can face you or the world

Reversible and adjustable handle

Adapts to any terrain with front swivel wheels

Five point safety harness

All fabrics are machine washable
Package Includes:

Bugaboo Cameleon3 Classic+ Chassis & Carrycot/seat unit

Classic+ Grey melange fabric

Check it out here at Bella baby